Sentosa Advanced Trading System for Exchanges
Advanced Buying

Various buying rules for you to master the crypto markets:

Stop Buy: Buy when price rises above your trigger price.
Lower Buy: Buy when price falls to your trigger price and rebounce a certain percentage.
Just Buy: Just Buy...
Buy when higher than n days highest: If you are familiar with Turtle stradegy, yes it is. And with more advanced options.
There are more options for advanced users. You can let your buy rule to automatically create a sell rule if it is filled. All your positions is protected.

Advanced Selling

Various buying rules for you to master the crypto markets:

Trace Sell: A rule that can stop your loss, let your profits grow and protect your profits.
Stop Sell: Sell when price falls to your trigger price.
Profit Sell: Sell when price rises to your trigger price.
Just Sell: Just Sell...
Trailing Percentage: Sell when price falls a certain percentage from highest price.
Sell when lower than n days lowest: If you are familiar with Turtle stradegy, yes it is. And with more advanced options.

Iterate Splitted Limit Orders

Do you have large assets to buy/sell and you do not want to impact the market dramatically?
Do you meet the situation that the spread between ask/bid is too large, and if you create limit orders, there always be some small orders below/above you?
Do you want to reduce the fees where market-order charges too high?
Do you want to iterately create small limit orders so that you can get a good price?
Yes, this is what you need. Every buy/sell rule could select limit-order option to let system handle buying/selling for you. No matter how large the order is.

5 largest exchanges Balances & Trade Profit Tracing

Do you want to post orders to different exchanges in one dashboard?
Do you want to monitor real-time positions profits/losses in one page?
Do you really know whether your trades get profits or losses?
Do you want to monitor total assets across exchanges?
Our system can track your speficied assets or total balances across exchanges.
We now support:

It's 24 hours running, and each user will have his own dedicated server to bypass api rate limit.
So you will not worry about latency of your orders. If multiple buy/sell rules triggered, our system will simultaneously handle them all.
You will never miss huge market pump opportunities, and you will never worry about your positions.
Have a good sleep!
Case Study
This is a diagram of "ADA/BTC" since 2018-01-25
1. A: Price goes out of downtrend line. As we just get a higher low, that's an opportunity to get a higher high. The nearest resist line B is about 15% distance, so we add a Buy Rule 1 with "Action":"Higher than n days highest","n":5,"offset":0.02, "Buy Cash":0.4 position. Then when the price rises above previous 5 days highest*1.02, it will get filled. And then a new sell rule with "Action":"Trace sell" will be automatically created, so that if the price falls below cost price * 0.95(RPP in Settings->RPP), we stop reduce. You can also manually set the stop price for the sell rule, eg. to previous low.
2. We want to increase our positions if price get a higher high, which is Line B. So now we create a Buy Rule 2, with Action "Stop Buy", Trigger Price: Line B*1.02. Then if price effectively break Line B, we make sure it should get a medium term rebounce at least.
3. After Buy Rule 2 is filled, we create a new Buy Rule 3 in case that price falls to get support from Line B, we buy in. But we do not want to buy in if price touches Line B and falls below it. So we set Buy Rule 3 with parameters: "Action":"Lower Buy", "Trigger Price": Line B * 1.01, "Turnaround Percent":1.02. So when it falls to "Trigger Price", system automatically turns the rule to a new rule with "Action":"Stop Buy", "Trigger Price": Buy Rule 3's Trigger Price * 1.02(Turnaround Percent). Then we make sure the only way our position increases is that price rebounces and rise at least 2%. That's a good point to buy.
4. Now we get Buy Rule 3 finished, and turns to a new rule with "Action" "Stop Buy", and it fills the next day. That's what we expect. Please be noted that all our positions are protected with auto created "Trace Sell" rules. If the market does go as we expect, system reduce and then stop our positions.
5. Now we should get profits at least 20%, and with our "Trace Sell" rule, system already increase our stop-reduce price to 114% of our cost price, and stop price to 111% of our cost price. So now we will never turn our profits to losses. That's sweet.
6. We expect there would be a resist at Line C(Previous High), so we create a new Sell Rule 4 with "Action":"Profit Sell", "Trigger Price": 0.98*Line C, "Sell Percent":0.5. Then if price rises to Trigger Price, system will sell 50% of our position. And we also want to buy in again if price breaks Line C, so we create another Buy Rule 4 with "Action":"Stop Buy", "Trigger Price":Line C*1.02. So when price rebounces and break Line C, we buy in. Please be noted that Sell Rule 4 and Buy Rule 4 can be created at the same time and now we just near Line B.
7. After Buy Rule 4 is filled, we get 3 waves of uptrend, and we also make profits around 60%, our "Trace Sell" has increased our Stop-Reduce price to protect 60% of our profits, and we want to protect more. So we create a Sell Rule 5 with "Action":"Lower than n days","n":3, "offset":0.02, "sell percent":0.6. So when price falls below previous 3 days lowest*0.98(=1-0.02), system will sell 60% of our positions. Then we create another sell rule Sell Rule 6 with "Action":"Stop Sell", "Trigger Price":Line C * 0.98, "Sell Percent":1. So if price falls below Line C, we clear our positions. Please be noted, before Sell Rule 5 or Sell Rule 6 triggerred, our "Trace Sell" rule may already reduce or sold our positions to protect our profits.
Although it seems complicated, but most of your time is spent on chart analysing, and the time spent to create one rule is just in less than 1 minutes.
Change logs
Version 1.1
1. Add support for Poloniex, Bitfinex
2. Add Sell Action "Profit Sell".
3. Add support for asset tracing across exchanges.
Version 1.2
1. Add support for OKEX.
2. Add Sell Action "Lower Than n Days Lowest".
3. Add Buy Action "Higher Than n Days Highest".
4. Add support to post multiple buy/sell orders simultaneously.
5. Add global settings for trading. So you can have more customizations for your rules.
Version Features Pay Every Month/Season/Year
Trial All Features 30-days trial for free
Basic 1. Only binance supported
2. Max 15 Buy Rules
3. Max 15 Sell Rules
0.05 BTC/Month
0.15 BTC/Season
0.5 BTC/Year
Gold All Features 0.15 BTC/Month
0.3 BTC/Season
1 BTC/Year
How to Buy?
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What can I get?
* Unlimited to system features.
* Your own dedicated server with static public ip, holds this system exclusively for you.
* Unlimited new versions with new features & exchanges support.
* Quick telegram technical support.
* Trade advices if you need.
Both you and the user you invited will get 20% of cashback of first payment.